Our Vision & Values

Imagine a Christian family that views all its members as special.

Feel the atmosphere of happiness, confidence, belonging and belief as everyone shares the joy of working and playing together.
Notice the way all age groups value and respect one another making connections through the work they do, the problems they solve and the experience, strength and hope they share.

See the high level of academic achievement created by stimulating learning opportunities and environments.

Watch children as they are challenged to discover the champion within.

Follow them as they explore and celebrate creativity across the curriculum, striving for excellence in a secure, Christian environment.

Sense the commitment of all staff as they strive to develop their own talents and expertise and help children to achieve extraordinary results in each moment of every ordinary day.

Recognise how technologies are used to invent the future, examine the past and make sense out of today. Feel Christ as the heartbeat of this school-church family, the unseen but ever present teacher in its classes, the model for its entire staff, the inspiration for its pupils.

Discover a family, reaching out to the wider world, caring for and respecting the needs, beliefs and cultures of others as they become responsible, global citizens.

This is St Nicholas CE Primary School, where the pupils, parents, staff, governors and church share a sense of belonging, believe in each other and work together to become living logos for the Christian values they share.